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1) I am studying in 10th Standard. Is the career guidance from StudyNjobs applicable to me?

Yes, 10th standard is the right place to decide on your future career. Browse all the Jobs listed like a shopper and choose the career that will suit for your knowledge and Interests. Once you choose the Job profile, educational requirements and the institution details so that you can apply for it.

2) Do you have high salaried Jobs listed?

Yes we have listed around 300 INDIAs Best Paid Jobs and to reach them you need to check for the relevant education details and get those certifications.

3) Is it any JOB vacancies listed in your mobile app?

StudyNjobs is purely an educational Guide. We want to make every INDIAN student aware of what kind of JOBs available in INDIAN Job market and how to reach them from their early education.

4) I am looking for a career counselor. Do you have such service?

Our Mobile app itself is a Guide for your career. Please go through each career in our app as we listed some of the Hobby Jobs also to meet your part time earnings. If you still need our suggestions, please mail us to so that our team can assist you further.

5) I have found some Unique Jobs. How can I post those details to your app so that others can be benefitted?

Please send the Job details to our team at so that our team in the format we follow in our app such as Description/Salary details/Required education or skill etc., so that our team will review and upload the details after further research and Authenticity. Selected details may get you gifts from StudyNjobs team.

6) I want to be a volunteer for this great social cause to help many students. How can I?

Please send an email to or message/contact through app with heading as Volunteer under comment section.

7) I want to advertise in studynjobs Mobile app. What is the Process?

Only Institutions / Training centers / Tuition centers can advertise with us. Please send a mail to with the details including a JPG or PNG file containing the Logo and other relevant information.

8) I want to become an official agent/partner for Studynjobs to our location/area for my earnings. Please let me know the Process.

Please reach out to our team through CONTACT page from our mobile app or send an email to with your contact details so that our team can reach you and guide you further on the process of becoming an official business partner with us.

9) I am running a small institution in our area. Can I advertise in your mobile app for lesser Price?

Yes you can. Based on the Location / Area our prices will change/vary. Please reach our team through an email with your advertisement JPG or PNG files to Our team will guide you further.

10) I Missed EAMCET or Medical Entrance test. Does the studynjobs app can guide me?

EAMCET and Medical Entrance test only allow you to get in to either Engineering or Medicine. Apart from that there are many such highly paid JOBs available in INDIA to choose as your future career. Please visit each and every JOB Profile listed in our mobile app so that you can choose based on your Talent and Interests.

11) Is there any International Jobs and education listed in your app?

Yes, some jobs listed in our app may require international education as INDIAN institutions are not offering those courses. You may look for those courses outside INDIA through search engines like google and apply as we do not have any contact with those institutions at this moment.

12) You have listed Hobby Jobs in your app. Where can I find them?

Hobby Jobs will be offered by Most of the Life style TV channels or Magazines. Some of the Hobby Jobs can be done on your own as a freelancer such as such as Tour operator / DJ / Content writer / Search engine optimizer.

13) What is the use of SHORTLIST Button in your app?

We have provided shortlist option for Offline view. If you shortlist any Job profile you can view it without internet while you are travelling. Also institutions will come to know your education plan and it gives the opportunity to those institutions to call you for admission.

14) I am a professional career counselor. How can I join your team as a career counselor?

Please reach out to our team through CONTACT page from our mobile app or send an email to with your contact details so that our team can reach you and guide you further on the process of becoming an official team member.